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Created by movement artist and Tricking performer Joy Isabella Brown, Find Joy in Movement is a platform designed to highlight physical expression and creative collaboration. It is both an autobiography and an opportunity for others to reach out and explore what it means to speak without words. Find Joy in Movement



Through a captivating combination of explosive acrobatics and aesthetically pleasing content, Joy Isabella Brown has gained recognition worldwide for her unique acrobatic style. A Tricking Performer based out of Los Angeles, Joy works daily to bring the underground sport “Tricking” to the forefront of movement culture. Filling in the gaps between dance, gymnastics, and martial arts, her style focuses on freedom of expression and channeling raw energy. Her combination of kicks, flips, and twists are geared towards the screen and designed to be as cinematic as possible. Joy’s style is inspired by prominent concepts in the art world - placing an emphasis on clean lines and shapes over difficulty. An artistic background combined with natural athleticism allows her to design movements that appear to be seemingly impossible when caught on camera.

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CapturedOn Film

Movement expression as a whole is driven by what goes on internally. Concepts and thought patterns lead to creation. When capturing movement on camera the goal is to portray the movement artist's internal process, externally.

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Each piece of content created under the "Find Joy in Movement" brand aims to have a distinct, impactful narrative that helps portray the artist and the way they see the world.


Art is impactful both to the person creating and to the individuals viewing. Movement art in and of itself is so powerful because of it's impact on both the artist and the world surrounding the artist.

Easier Done Than Said

While Tricking can be described with many words in many ways, no verbal explanation of the art can do it justice. It is one of the few things on this earth that is easier done than said. Watch and understand.

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A Note from Joy: Over the years I’ve noticed that every time I explain my passion and what it is I do, my words are almost certainly met with raised eyebrows and confused glances. The collaboration of movement and film creates a exceptional product that portrays the movement lifestyle in a way that all people, everywhere can understand it. Showcased below are just a few of the on screen projects I've had the priviledge to be apart of.

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